Thursday, July 17, 2014

What to Do while Waiting for Employment

Hey ya'll,

     So I know I've dropped a lot of negativity/realism/whatever you want to call it in my last 2 posts. Clearly the struggle is very real. For this post I have decided to turn it around and lay on some real positive stuff here like I said I would. We'll get the yin and the yang going on.
     To begin with a great thing to do while you have the time is CLEAN OUT YOUR LIFE. I did this towards the beginning of this rough road. I had my best friend come over and we tackled the disaster area which I called my room. You see once you graduate college you are kind of an adult, even though it may not feel like it cause you are still living at home with parents. However, here's what you do, you go into whatever your space is and clean that bad boy up. I'm talking dust, vacuum/sweep, going through clothes, going through artifacts, getting the space under the dresser, and getting the semi-science experiments out from under your bed. I'm talking a real thorough clean.
     If you have trouble with getting rid of unnecessary items think to yourself, 'does this fit into my adult life?' 'do I want to carry this with me when I move?' 'Could someone else benefit from this?'. Now I won't lie, I had a hard time with that and those are the questions my best friend had the ask me and it worked for the most part (I just could not part with my Captain America shield and Iron Man mask). Also, be aware that I am not saying get rid of everything you own because sentimental stuff or once in a lifetime stuff, like a wooden airplane you and your great-grandfather built together will always fit into your adult life.
      In my opinion the hardest part is going through clothes. If you are anything like me you have clothes from your freshman year of high school (and maybe you don't) if you do, you need to go through them. Clean out your dressers, your closet, and ask yourself 'when was the last time I wore this?' If the answer is over 3 months ago get rid of it. If you try to convince yourself otherwise have your cleaning buddy tell you to put the shirt in the bag (meant for Salvation Army/Goodwill/thrift store) or else you get the hose again. Like I said before, don't get rid of your once in a lifetime stuff. If you have a prom dress over $200 keep it. It's beautiful, you put a lot of money into it, and it may hold precious memories.
       The best tip I can give you for cleaning out you life is make sure someone is with you. They may have better judgement on whether or not that cup you bought at a theme park-that one time-with that friend fits into your adult life. They will also keep you company and keep you focused, if you're really feeling crazy crank up some 90's jams.

       The second thing to do is get some kind of exercise regime going. Just like self-esteem and the job market go hand-in-hand, mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. I will say that I just started to do this, I started my regime Sunday and so far it's been pretty good. Now for me, my best friend and I decided we need something that will really get the job done exercise wise. She suggested Insanity, have I regretted doing that? Only once. I am the kind of person who holds very high expectations for myself and I get upset if I don't meet my standards. On the same token, I am the kind of person that wants to sweat during a work out and be sore after otherwise I don't feel like I did anything. If you are that person Insanity is for you, if you are not that person just try walking a mile everyday, or swimming laps, or something low-key that is beneficial and doesn't make you dread having to do it. No matter what you do, the endorphins, those feel-good chemicals, that your body releases give you a healthy high and clear up you head that has been fill with the stress of being unemployed.
     The third thing to do is simply take care of yourself. If you are feeling down because you can't find a job talk to someone, write about it, take a walk to clear your head, or even do community service. Helping other people gives you instant gratification and such a healthy high it can become an addiction (in a good way). Practice those random acts of kindness, help others and feel better about yourself. For me I love veterans so I help with VFW events, I bring my dog into the Veterans' home, I help someone else's day become brighter which in-turn makes my day brighter. You simply cannot go wrong with that.
     I would also suggest being in nature. Nature has the power to heal, you just need to let it. Go to the beach, listen to the waves, bask in the sun. Take a hike, challenge your body, climb to the top of the world and look at the views around you. Take it all in because you are on this Earth, you  are breathing, you are alive!

     I hope this post has been helpful and enjoyable! If you have any other suggestions leave a comment! Or if you want to just say something feel free to leave a comment! I always welcome the opinions of others :)


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